F.A.R.M.  is committed to make disciples

The Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ is about `making disciples’. Through our discipleship program `MOVING EXPERIENCE’ a believer can move towards increasing levels of commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

The journey starts with a Basic Track, composed of 8 Saturday Sessions, at 9-11:30 am.

The Moving Experience continues every Wednesday at 6-7:30 pm – through the LIFE DEVELOPMENT Track and MINISTRY DEVELOPMENT Track with our Senior Pastors. The topics and workshops are carefully selected to meet the growing needs of maturing and serving members of the First Assembly family.

The Moving Experience continues in our homes.
In First Assembly, every family is a KABIYAHE GROUP. The family is the most natural small group where each of us can better grow as disciples. Parents  organize their family members  into  Kabiyahe groups and hit the road to true discipleship. (Kabiyahe is an Ilonggo term for companion in a journey).

F.A.R.M.  is committed to church planting

Since 1986, First Assembly is at the frontline of church planting through S.O.S. – an acronym for SUMMER OF SERVICE.  It is a challenge for believers to dedicate their summer vacation to join a team that will plant a new church in a target place. To some it may not easy to sacrifice their summer vacation but Solomon, the wisest man on earth said in Proverbs 10:5 “He who gathers crops in summer is a wise son, but he who sleeps during harvest is a disgraceful son.”

F.A.R.M. is a serving family

In First Assembly, we believe every believer is a minister, and every ministry is important. Through our MINISTRY  PLACEMENT  program, disciples are assisted to discover the best ministry area where they can express their God-given gilts and talents. Great churches are built not only by the gifts and talents of a few but by  the sacrifices of many.

FARM Senior Pastors Rey and Zeny

The  FARM senior pastors are  committed to MOTIVATE, TRAIN and MOBILIZE  believers  for the ministry. It is  their joy to  SERVE THOSE WHO SERVE  the Lord. They make themselves available to teach in  seminars  and serve pastors and leaders in the body of Christ.