Videos of FARM Events and Ministries

FARM Learning Center  Graduation –  Song  Number by Pupils – Wonderfully Made  `You’ll enjoy this!’

 JAM with Kids Praise 2009 at Fiesta Emmanuel – `I Believe’  Finale Song 
JAM – Let Your Light Shine at Fiesta Emmanuel 
JAM – Radio at Fiesta Emmanuel 2009 
JAM 2009. One Way
JAM 2009. Let Your Light Shine
JAM 2009. I’m Free
JAM. Energy Song
JAM. Bible Story Time
JAM. Bible Story Time and I Luv Reading the Bible 
JAM. Colors
JAM. New Fun Everyday
JAM. Clean Up Song
JAM 2010 Greatest Giver, Part 1      New
JAM 2010 Greatest Giver, Part 2     New
JAM 2010 Greatest Giver, Part 3     New
JAM 2010 Greatest Giver, Part 4     New
JAM 2010 Greatest Giver, Part 5     New

Sunday Celebration, March 14,2010: Music Team and Congregationla Singing – More 
Sunday Celebration, March 14, 2010: Special Song by Mae Albaladejo – Beautiful Ending 
Sunday Celebration, February 21,2010: Special Song by Talitha Ambrosio – Mystery  
Sunday Celebration, February 14,2010: Special Song by Benjie Calusay – Face of Love 
Grand Choir at Fiesta Emmanuel, Dec.20,2009 
Sunday Celebration, Sept. 13, 2009: Special Song by Benjie and Jireh: Rain (evening service edition)
Sunday Celebration, Sept 13, 2009:  Special Song by Benjie & Jireh – `Rain
Sunday Celebration, Sept. 6, 2009: Special song bybenjie and Jireh: `Run’
Doris Denbow blessed FARM with a very encouraging song: `Stand on His Word’
Sunday Celebration, August 16, 2009: Special Song by Mae and Talitha – `Desert Song’
 OneJob Mock Recording
Sunday Celebration, Music Team Special Song Number, July 26, 2009

WizeUp Bible Quiz Monthly Final, Dec.2009 
Movers on Zipline, May 2009 Youth Camp at Lolets’ EcoPark, Dao, Capiz
Movers’ Fashion Workshop
Movers Wize Up Bible Quiz, 2006 Part 1
Movers Wize Up Bible Quiz, 2006 Part 2

Jacque Sullivan Testifies, January 24, 2010 
Steve Sullivan Preaches in Ilonggo, January 24, 2010 
 Sullivans: River and Ecopark Tour, February 8, 2010 
Sullivans in BSM and Movers 
Sullivans in Ministry at FARM 
Joses Calusay Speaks  On NextGen   New
NextGen Speaking: LJ and Chen    New

Rock the City, Alone Part 3, 2006

Rock the City, Alone Part 2, 2006
Rock the City, Alone Part 1, 2006
Rock the City, Concert Clips, 2006 onward
PACE Concert for a Cause, featuring The Street Signs Band and Extreme Movers, October 26, 2010
The Intro with Benjie Calusay: `Everything About You’ New
`Father’ solo by Jireh Calusay New
Extreme Movers Dance: `Slam’ New

Tambourine Dancers, April 11, 2010, Sunday Celebration 
 Extreme Movers Dance, July 26, 2009 Sunday Celebration, 5-7pm   
Sunday Celebration, Opening Song/Dance, July 26, 2009

 Extreme Mover Joses Calusay Duo Performance 
  Theatrix Workshop, September 11, 2010  
 Theatrix Video Clips, October 2, 2010 
Extreme Movers Dance during `Wisdom Call’ Concert, October 26, 2011 New 
Jecca and Sarah Worship Dance, Dec. 5, 2010, Sunday Celebration    
Extreme Movers Practice Dance at FARM `Slam’  `New’
New Ballet Group, Lost in His Love, Final Practice   New
New Ballet Group, Lost in His Love, Performance Version 1   New
New Ballet Group, Lost in His Love, Performance Version 2   New