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We dont’ run a traditional  Sunday School for children, but we have…

Sunday Church School 

Church is not for adults only. FARM  Sunday school  is not a baby sitting ministry. We teach to cause our children to grow up with God by nurturing their  faith using age by age related teaching.

It is a school
Graded  classes from nursery to Junior age.
School calendar  is synchronized with secular academic calendar. Parents  pay a minimal enrollment fee 
Students have worksheets and assignments
Attendance is strictly  monitored
Teachers give three examinations  throughout the year
Card Day is an exciting day at FARM
Recognition and Promotion Day is a big event at FARM.
Special activities include Kids Praise, Kids  Camp and Juniors Day Out

Its is a  Partnership Between Teachers and Parents
FARM.Inc. is blessed with many elementary and secondary school teachers who volunteer their time and skill for our Sunday church school.
Consequently, parents are involved in our Sunday Church School.  A  set of officers elected from among the parents serve to promote enrollment &  attendance and assist in our Sunday church school activities