Rev. Reynaldo A.  Calusay and Rev. Zenaida M. Calusay 

Reynaldo Aguilar Calusay was born on November 10, 1950 in Legaspi City, Albay.  He is the firstborn among thirteen children and thus learned responsibility early in life.  As a young man, he worked    to be able to get an  education. While   pursuing  a degree  in Bachelor of Science in Commerce, majoring in Accounting; he was  attracted to the communistic propaganda  to champion   the cause of the poor and  soon became deeply involved in activism. He was apprehended when martial law was declared in 1973   but was soon given amnesty and a job by the government.

However, he  observed that both the poor he tried to fight for  and the rich  that   he tried to fight against  with  are   equally guilty of greed, jealousy, corruption and sin.  He started to think there must be a better cause for which he can give his life.   In the same year he was born again and received God’s call to full time ministry.

Eager to serve God, he  started to   teach little children in outstations and Sunday school. Ecventally he   resigned from his job to study in  Immanuel Bible College and   finished Bachelor in Christian Ministries, magna cum laude. After finishing Bible college in 1978 ,  he was invited  to pastor First Assembly in Roxas City, Capiz.   God sent him a helpmate in the person of Zenaida Magbanua, an equally passionate servant of the Lord.

In 1986, Pastor  Rey challenged and mobilized the then handful members of his church to fill  Roxas City with the doctrine of Christ.  The vision grew to   reach the neighboring towns, then the next provinces and islands of  the Philippines.  This became a way of life  of the church:  every summer, ordinary church members: young people, professionals, fathers, mothers  volunteer  to be trained and sent   to plant churches in different target places.

Last    April, 2006 he was elected as the   new General Superintendent of the AoG Philippines.  For a man whose    heart and passion is church planting, he saw  it as a God-given  opportunity to lead the AoG Philippines in expanding the kingdom of God through church planting. Last May 14, 2009, he was re-elected to serve a second term.  He called  the AoG Philippines constituency of more than 4000 plus churches to focus on the `OneJob’ of church planting and missions and reechoed  his  campaign to empower the local churches to accomplish this `OneJob’. Last April, 2012, he was again elected to serve a third term. His current campaign is `Saturation Challenge’ which is a vision to see an Assembly of God church planted in every city, town and barangay of the  Philippines.

Zenaida Magbanua Calusay  was born and grew in Iloilo City.  She pursued college in the  University of the Philippines in Iloilo, then in UP Diliman, Quezon City. When martial law was declared, she was forced to go home and transfer   to Central Philippine University in Iloilo City. There she finished  her degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

Because as a student  her focus was on  the field of  science, she embraced the atheistic philosophy. Before finishing college, she  developed a malignant cyst in her  breast.   She took the situation to  challenge the reality of God by showing to her His power of healing. She testifies that God answered the call of an irreligious person like her by   a healing miracle.  That led her to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord. That was last January, 1974.  Eventually, she resigned her teaching job in the Chemistry Department in Central Philippine University  to study  in Immanuel Bible College in Cebu City. Since then, it has been, together with her husband,  a life of commitment to the cause of Jesus  Christ.

Rey and Zenaida are gifted  with three sons, named Jireh, Ben Judah and Joses.  All three of  their sons   have embraced the  values of  their parents.  They all have opted to be   in full time ministry instead of taking secular jobs  after having their college education.  The eldest, Jireh with his wife Annah Belle and the youngest, Joses   are in the pastoral team of  FARM.Inc. Ben Judah is pastoring Eternity City Church, in Iloilo City.  Jireh and Annah Belle have two sons named Jedidiah and Jethan. Ben Judah and his wife Mybelle has a daugther named Tehillah.