FARM is Organized Around  Purpose

Purpose Statement

As a church, we exist to make disciples of all people by  causing  them  to seek Christ, know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ and share Christ to the community and the world.

Purpose  determines  organizational structure
Purpose based teams are organized   with full time staff serving  as Directors
Disciples serve as volunteers within a team according to their ministry placements
Senior pastors provide motivation, direction and development training for those in service.

Purpose Based Teams

Magnet team: Sees to it that every church attendee  is attracted to the Lord Jesus and the church, makes a clear and intelligent decision to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to be included as a committed member of the FA.R.M. family

Membership team: Sees to it that every committed member grows as an obedient disciple through the practice of growth H.A.B. I.T.S.  Growth of members is facilitated both through corporate and small group (Kabiyahe) meetings.

Ministry team: Sees to it that every growing member finds his ministry role, trained for service, and released to be actively involved in serving God.

Missions team: Sees to it that every committed, growing and serving disciple actively shares Christ to others, causing them to seek Christ and be assimilated into the discipling process.

Roles of the Senior Pastors

Prime movers in planning and implementing the discipleship process towards accomplishing our  purpose
Feed the church people with the nourishing Word of God and challenge them to live the Word
Provide the vision and constant motivation for growth, obedience, service and missions.
Equip the serving disciples so they develop in spiritualitym,  character and skillfulness.
Keep the church messages and methods relevant to our fast changing society.
Serve those who serve the Lord, within the F.A.R.M. family  and other parts of the nation and the world