Discipleship at F.A.R.M. is based on the F.A.R.M. Purpose for Being

First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc. exists  to make disciples of all people by causing them to seek Christ, know Christ, grow in Christ, serve Christ and share Christ to the community and the world.

`Making disciples’  is  a process.  It  takes  a process to turn people  `of the world’ into `obedient people of God’.   A process involves well defined  steps, has a definite beginning and ending. Specific  developments occur  as  it  progresses.  To journey through a process would also mean commitments. A process is not just programs , not just activities, not just   teaching lessons; but will include all of these. It requires a lot of deliberate effort. And  great commission states where the process starts with: in people who are not yet `in the church’ – `all people’.

Colossians 1:28-29 We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.  29To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.

Discipleship at  F.A.R.M. is a  Moving Experience

A journey towards increasing levels of commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

Discipleship at FARM is  an assimilation Process

`Moving Experience’ as a discipleship process  describes the assimilation of a non-committed person from the community into a committed disciple who goes back to the community to bring in another into the discipleship cycle.



SHARING CHRIST TO THE COMMUNITY, Maximum of two months in each target area or person
All possible means to get contacts
Motivating People for Bible Study
Bible Studies: Lessons for Conversion
Final Action: Invitation to church-based Life Seminar

ASSIMILATION, 2 weekends in a row
1. LIFE SEMINAR, 2 Hour Program, Church Based
a. Target audience: all contacts in all evangelistic efforts
b. Uses a teaching process that is persuasive but not offensive, using lessons to:
• Challenge the faith of people to be based in God’s Word.
• Challenge people to put their faith in Jesus as Savior & Lord (publicly)
c. Q&A time to overcome resistance
d. Models of changed lives. – brief, meaningful salvation testimonies
e. Charismatic in style – gives room for spontaneous flow of the Holy Spirit.
f. Need-meeting – prayer for needs and the sick softens people’s hearts
g. Final action: Enrollment in New Believers’ Class

2. NEW BELIEVERS CLASS, 2-Hour Program, Church Based
a. Welcome & Introductions
b. Songs (2 testimony songs on salvation)
c. Focus of lessons to teach: (1) Assurance of Salvation (2) Need to Grow
d. Testimony of Salvation ( of a disciple)
e. Snacks & Fellowship
f. Final Action: Enrollment in Discipleship 101

BASIC TRACK, 6 Weekends in a row or a whole Day Discipleship Express
Class 101 – Moving Towards membership (Signing of Covenant Membership)
Class 201- Moving Towards Maturity (Assignment to Accountability/Growth Group)
Class 301 – Moving Towards Ministry (SHAPE Inventory & Ministry Placement Process started)
Class 401 – Moving Towards Missions
Overflow – Baptism in Holy Spirit and Water Baptism Ceremony

Assignment to Accountability/Growth Group
Ministry placement and Pre-service training, as scheduled by OIC (Use customized training)
Introduction to Church on Sunday
Introduction to Band of Disciples & Leaders During Development Class

DEVELOPMENT TRACK, Modular Classes and Seminar Type Sessions
Life Development Classes
Ministry Development Classes
Small Groups General Assembly
All Leaders Assembly With Senior Pastors
Volunteers’ Convention

CHURCH-WIDE CAMPAIGNS, defined either as for evangelism or nurture
Sunday Celebration – Pulpit Teaching Ministry
Church Promotional Activities
All Church Mobilization Programs
Auxiliary Groups Events
Bridge Events
Summer Events

LIFE AND MINISTRY CHRISTIAN RESOURCE CENTER, open for all disciples during office hours
ONLINE STUDY, according to disciple’s time frame


One comment on “DISCIPLESHIP

  1. Dear Ptr. Rey & Ptr. Zeny,
    Greetings in the name of the Lord. During PAGHANAS, God was able to show me big and great things through your ministry. I was praying before to God asking Him to give a group of people who are honest doing His work. I am so thankful to met the both of you. Every session during Paghanas i went to restroom to praise God and thanking Him for showing me the way.
    I am a pastor of a very small church, i handle it for almost one year and six months. I can say i have done a lot of mistakes and thank God i can start all over again.
    We do our service in a small house and i know someday God will give me a shurch building that people will go becasue they know that God is there just like yours.
    One thing i learn from you Ptr. rey that i will keep till my last breath of serving our God is to stay humble in all the blessing and possion that our God will entrust to me.
    And to you Ptr. zeny to be systematic and make sure that very detailed is done properly for we are serving the Most High God.
    i thank God for all of you. I will finish my Bachelor here in Lubic this coming march and i hope that you Ptr. will be our Guest speaker.
    Ptr. Rey i will never forget your word to me saying “i believe in you” during that time i heard the voice of God it’s looked like God saying to me that He believe on me.
    I though nobody will notice my pottential si tatay Arnold pa ang nagbigay sa akin ng chance. This S.O.S he trained me as Intern FD praise God.
    Ang saya ko po talaga. If God’s permit me next year po madami kaming magaaral diyan sa BEREAN.
    i know God will used all of us to SATURATE THE WORLD.
    Praise God po talaga!

    Respectfully yours,
    jane rapunzel bascos

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