At the heart of the Philippines

First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc.  is  situated in Roxas City, in the province of Capiz   at the northern part of Panay Island, Philippines.  As of 1974, Roxas City was considered one of the ten most difficult cites to penetrate with the gospel.

To know more about Roxas City, log on to the website of  Roxas City, Capiz  

FARM, Inc.  is very accessible

app. 45 minutes flight from Manila and 5 minutes from the airport
15-20 minutes from the Culasi Port.
Less than 5 minutes from Gaisano Mall and  City Mall
A  tricyle, the city’s daily means of transportation can easily bring you to where we are. Simply tell the driver you’re going to `First Assembly in Mabini Street’ . Regular fare within the city is 8 pesos per person. However, we normally give a little extra to bless the driver!
Taxis are also available from certain points like malls.
If you still find it hard to locate us,  don’t hesitate to call us so we can pick you up.

FARM, Inc.  Team

Have you been to F.A.R.M.?

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7 comments on “LOCATION

  1. Hello,
    As I have been traveling around the country for the last 3 months (yes, even on holidays, I was away) I only read your post today. Glad to know that you are from Capiz.

    We are part of the Assembly of God Movement: Bible based, Christ centered, Spirit empowered, Missions Driven, Church planting, Members employing Church.

    Anyway, when you come home, visit us at the Mabini Street, in Cadimahan area. Or call 621-0128 OR 621-4234

    God bless you more.

    Rey Calusay
    Senior Pastor

  2. i’m a resident of Roxas City but i am currently working in Iloilo..i make sure that i could attend the Sunday service everytime i went home…its really very heart warming to listen the word of God and share with the praise and worship at FARM…i can feel the holy spirit working on everyone…Thank you for all the ministry leaders and members at Farm working together to give glory to our Lord, i know that there are a lot who are very thankful to have you here in Roxas…God Bless!

  3. Sis. Naidz is a great speaker. Indeed, God speaks through her. God spoke through my heart in her message, “God Speaks Through the Heart.” Truly, it’s so irresistible. I responded by coming to the altar, after the message. May I suggest that Sis. Naidz be given an opportunity to deliver God’s message, twice a month. please…please…please. it’s refreshing to hear her… To God be the glory!!!

  4. Glad to see on internet the FARM updates.I’m always looking forward to visit FARM & have fellowship once again..where I used to attend.The biblical truth I heard from sermons has been my spiritual foundation.MORE BLESSINGS TO FARM,INC.

  5. Love seeing all the rich content here. Its been so long since we were there back in 1989. We miss you all

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