F.I.R.E. stands for Fervent Intercession for Revival and Evangelism at FARM every Saturday starting at 5:30 in the early morning. Fervency in intercession intensifies Saturday after Saturday as faithful intercessors take on fresh fire from God as they pray. Intercessors are instructed to bring home the fire to their homes. Copies of the weekly prayer items are distributed.

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FARM also joins the PGCAG F.I.R.E. network. FIRE is a prayer network, members of which are connected through a social group in Facebook. FIRE administrator describes it as follows: F.I.R.E prayer network is connected with the World AG Missions Global Prayer Network. The Prayer Network will operate from the macro level of the Global Church to grass-root level of the local church. It will provide information of prayer needs, prayer targets, and prayer initiatives and other prayer related matters from Regional level (Asia Pacific) to the National level (Philippines) down to Local church level to effectively mobilize the intercessors and engage in prayer. Like a lens that focuses the sun rays into a focal point to ignite fire, a network combining both individual intercessors and corporate prayer efforts is capable of bringing incredible results, igniting revival fires and missionary zeal throughout the globe

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