FARM through its church based ministerial training school, the Berean School of Ministry (BSM) hosts and conducts the Church Planting and Missions Module. This is the first time that the module is done to include Filipino foreign missionaries and/or candidates for world missions. As in the previous years, the module is for the training of church planters along with Missions directors ad church planting facilitators in preparation for the summer church planting. Seventy people were in attendance, 25 of which are the church planting students of BSM this schoolyear. Five courses were offered: Church Planting, Effective Evangelism and the SOS System, Discipleship, Urban Ministry and Missions & Culture and Strategy. Instructors are Reg. Rey Calusay, Rev, Zeny Calusay, Rev. Jireh Calusay, Rev. Warren Aragona, Joses Calusay, Ben Judah Calusay and Chris Patricio.

CPM Module 2016