In preparation for church planting through SOS this coming summer of 2015, Berean SChool of Ministry, the FARM church-based training school for church planters conducted the Church Planters module. It was attended by 53 church planters and leaders from different district of the PGCAG along with the students of BSM this current school year. At the conclusion of the training, 29 target places for new churches to be planted were finalized.


The Bible studies being used in the SOS (Summer of Service) church planting is now an android app available for download in Google Play. Thanks for the patient effort of our  long time SOS partner David Bates. Now SOS field directors, pioneer pastors and volunteers can conduct Bible studies without the hassle of bringing lessons on paper booklets.

Click on the green guy to go to link and start downloading the app.

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Ministry Team OIC Rev. Zeny Calusay and Youth Pastor Joses Calusay started the leadership track for FARM youth leaders. More than 40 young people along with the BBSM students were in attendance.XA Leaders Track (3)

When God wants to accomplish something, he raises up leaders. Examples: Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, etc
God is completing His redeeming work in these last days. He is raising you up as leaders to reach this last day generation.

MOVERS in the church, XA outside the church

`Movers’ – the name given to the young people in FARM, high school and college students as well as out of school youth from ages 13 to 21.

Why Movers?
Youth is a choice time of life because of strength and beauty.”The glory of young men is their strength.” Prov. 20:29
The young are designed by God to be an active force against the works of the devil. I write to you, young men, because you are strong,… and you have overcome the evil one. 1 John 2:14
Strength means zeal, passion, movements!
The youth are movers!

Our vision:
Young people whose hearts have been captured by the love of God, who are taught in the truths of Word of God, who are trained to live by the principles of God, connected with their local church, secured in their family relationships, and are equipped to invade the harvest field with gospel and positioned to lead their generation to love, obey and serve God.

THE LEADERSHIP TRACK:  Composed of experiences the youth leader must have

Captured by the love of God
Has genuinely experienced the love of Jesus Christ who saved and forgives the sinner
Has passion to grow in personal intimacy with god
Expresses love for God through exuberance in worship
Taught in the truths of Word of God
Has growing knowledge of the Word of God
Exercise discipline in the study of the Word of God
Grows in Christ like character as a result of the Study and application of the Word of God
Trained to live by the principles of God
Makes the Word of God as standard for what is right and wrong.
Hides the Word of God in his heart that he might not sin against God
Have godly and Biblical convictions and thus take clear stand towards relevant issues
Connected with their local church
Commits and participates as member of the local church
Recognizes the leadership and pastoral care of the pastor/s of the church
Has accountability to his church leaders as well as to the church family.
Secured in their family relationships
Develops healthy relationships his family and with the church family
Overcomes difficulties in relationships with his family, peers and brethren
Understands the values of submission and honoring those who are in authority over them
Equipped to invade their schools, communities and the harvest field with the gospel of the Lord Jesus!
Has workable knowledge of the gospel message and knows how to share it effectively to others
Yields talents and abilities as bridges in influencing the lost especially the youth of their generation
Develops and demonstrates competencies in evangelizing and discipling others
Empowered by the Holy Spirit to be a Witness
Positioned to lead their generation to love, obey and serve God.
Has learned the essential qualities of a servant leader
Develops leadership principles and practice
Develops people skills essential in influencing others

XA Leaders Track (7)

XA Leaders Track (1)